Autism Spectrum Disorder Level 2


Allison Ward
Allison Ward

Allison has been working with organisations, families and individuals in exploring strategies to understand and assist those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder traits. As part of her ongoing learning and discovery of this complex and fascinating condition Allison has adapted her skills, knowledge and lived experience to create this accredited course. A course which acknowledges  the links in social, emotional and mental wellbeing for those with the condition and those supporting either as carers, support workers, family, work colleagues, partners and professionals.

Course and Workshop Aims:

  • What is the Autistic Spectrum?
  • How does the C.A.T.S model apply to diagnosis and challenging behaviour?
  • Learn communication strategies.
  • Explore the Ecological Wheel.

Outline Programme

  • A better understanding of the Autistic Spectrum.
  • Explore the changes in the DSM-5
  • Practice skills in communication, de-escalation and improving confidence.
  • Explore C.A.T.S triggers.
  • Examine sensory processing and overload
  • Discuss are the social and emotional implications for those with the condition and their families.

There is a coursework book, a manual and some practical exercises to allow you to explore the C.A.T.S. model.

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