1-1 Coaching

We now offer 1-1 coaching with

Bernard Barden, Allison Ward or Nicky Gibbard

Bernard is a qualified Counsellor and NLP Trainer/Coach. With vast experience, working with people of all ages with various conditions, behaviours and phobias. (Bridgwater)

Allison uses Somatic Content Free Coaching to facilitate change. (Burnham 0n Sea, Wedmore, Highbridge)

Nicky is based in the Taunton area and can offer 1-1 coaching.

What is coaching?

Can it help with emotional wellbeing and resilience?

What can I expect?

Coaching can encourage you to find the motivation and tools to achieve your physical and emotional health goals. It can give you an opportunity to be heard and to find your own solutions. You do not need a referral but you do need a desire to change.

                               ‘If you keep doing what you’ve always done,                                  you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.’

Are you ready to set some goals which might include:

  • Lose a few pounds
  • Eat better
  • Quit smoking
  • Lower stress
  • Discover empowering strategies


email al65@btinternet.com

for more information or

call 0758 590 6166